Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Battlefield 4 Finally Out!

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"That's 1.16GB of pure levolution." (Battlefield Guy)

Good news for all Battlefield 4 players who bought the game almost a year ago and ACTUALLY WANT TO PLAY IT, as the hotly anticipated Fall Patch has come out today, announced on the Battlefield Blog. The update aims to make the game the multiplayer behemoth it should've been at launch (Only a year late!) in all of it's 1.16GB goodness on all platforms, with big changes including the addition of the Obliteration Competitive mode, a de-cluttered and customizable HUD, the finalization of the Community Test Environment and better animations, plus hundreds of other small tweaks. It's nice to see that DICE didn't just abandon the game, despite the fact that it's working on the new Star Wars: Battlefront, but it may have come too late to rescue betrayed and distraught fans. 

In other Battlefield news, Battlefield Hardline, the new mo- SPIN-OFF will launch with 9 maps and 7 game modes, plus the singleplayer campaign that no one will play because they're too busy hanging out of cars. Visceral boss Steve Papoutsis told JackFrags this information, meaning that there's still 1 mode to be announced. Along with the return of Conquest and Team Deathmatch, there are new modes Hotwire, Blood Money, Heist and Rescue, and since Papoutsis said in the interview that 5 modes were never-before seen in the franchise, it's impossible to take a guess as to what this mystery mode will be. Please let it involve more cars.

The real question is: Are 9 maps and 5 new modes enough to convince the gaming public that Hardline isn't some DLC-in-a-box? Battlefield 4 contained 10 maps and 3 new modes in the base game alone, so Hardline is looking to be pretty innovative, but it all depends on the quality and care that have been put into these maps and modes. Gameplay wise, Hardline has impressed recently, and with only two modes that have been in Battlefield before, it's really looking like it can distinguish itself from the 12 other Battlefields before.

What do you guys think? Has the Battlefield 4 update come too late? And will you buy Battlefield Hardline? Tell us in the comments below!

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