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Anytime Reviews: Magicmaker

*Casts spell* Pew Pew! Woah, did you see that spell?! That was cool.

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A boss stands in front of me; I bombard it with a screen filling barrage of sparkles and flames and double jump and dash around with my enchanted robe- monster defeated, loot taken, my wizard now ready to make more spells. I did this and made these magic spells in the game Magicmaker (surprisingly), which is made by Tasty Stewdios for the PC. You (Your avatar- a wizard- not really you) play as a security guard for Dörwall Community College, and do quests in randomly generated dungeons and areas in 5 separate zones in a 2D, charming cutout cartoon style world that seems almost childlike in how it is presented and all the pretty and innocent colors that are present.

 It has a pretty simplistic story, and could do with some more depth. The writing and characters are lighthearted, matching with the somewhat childlike visual style the game has chosen, although in some parts the writing seems off and bland. Still, the outrageous, awesome fun of the gameplay is where this game shines.

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The gameplay is like the story (As in, simplistic) but it is very fun, due to the aforementioned huge variety of spells you are able to make. You combine different elements in your spells to create different effects, said elements taking the form of items of varying levels of power and rarity which you can find from chests, as rewards and as drops from the monsters and foes that the wizard defeats. There are laser beams, tornadoes, storms, black holes, supernovas, all at your disposal. This allows you to use whatever spell fits you. The game also allows you to customize looks and names too, which makes the experience even more your own.  In my opinion (All of this is my opinion actually, it's kind of what reviews are) it starts off very slow, but the build up is worth it once you start creating really crazy spells and abilities for yourself. It plays quite platform game like, but when you add enchantments which allow you to dash, double jump and fly the game is significantly more fast paced.

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Everything about this game seems quite simple from its art style, to its gameplay, to its story. I think that only the story needs improving as it wasn't that interesting, but nonetheless the 100,000+ spell combinations keep the gameplay fresh and is the main hook of the game, allowing more longevity. It actually has quite a bit of bang for its buck ( $9.99 of them to be precise) due to the fun spell system. It's worth the purchase if you have some spare money, but although some people may not like its gameplay or art style, Magicmaker will last a long time for the small price with lots to keep you interested.


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