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The Month On Plus: September 2014

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Once again, the games for Europe's PS Plus lineup has been announced on the EU Playstation Blog, and once again they're all looking pretty swell, with PS4 having arguably the strongest lineup this time round. All of the new games come into the Instant Game Collection on the 3rd September, and last month's games leave the same day.

PS4: Velocity 2X
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The sequel to teleporting shooter Velocity, Velocity 2X mixes run and gunning and puzzles and platforming to form an amazing experience. Using the oddly-named Quarp Jet, you'll have to gun down and evade enemies in some type of sick spacerace, then dock at enemy spacebases and spacestealth your way through. If you didn't already know, this game has space involved in it. If Velocity 1 is anything to go by, 2X will be one fun and crazy experience.

PS4: Sportsfriends
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If you're a kid thatspends his time in class on Foddy instead of going on Linguascope, this is now your favorite game ever. Including two of Foddy's masterpieces, Get On Top and a 4 player version of the popular Pole Riders, there's also no-screen-needed game Johann Sebastian Joust, BaraBariBall is soem evil, twisted version of volleyball and Hokra is minimalist game of hockey. Sportsfriends is the ultimate local multiplayer game.

PS3: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
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There's no denying that PASBR is the Playstation version of Super Smash Bros, but god damn is it fun. As well as seeing cute mascots like Sackboy and Fat Princess, being able to play as Kratos or Dante and beat the stuffing out of a cute, non-violent rapping dog is one of great satisfaction. There's 20 Playstation greats to choose from, plus it's Cross Buy on PS3 and PS VITA so you can tear Cole Mcgrath a new one while your on the train. Just try not to maniacally laugh.

PS3: Hoard
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If you've ever wanted to play as a capitalist fatcat dragon, look no further than Hoard, a strategy game where you play as a dragon and aim to get as much loot as possible. You'll burn down buildings, burn down villagers and pretty much burn down everything as you fight to become the most loaded fictional creature there ever was. While singleplayer is fun, the competitive multiplayer is the gem of this game, and with 35 maps to choose from you'll never get tired of participating in the first ever Gold Rush. Because that happened in medieval times.

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Don't worry, you didn't just put LSD in a magic mushroom stew and drink it with your ears, TxK is a pretty visually stimulating game. It's trippy visuals and hypnotic music means that, while making people behind you on the bus skeptical as to whether your on bail for drug hoarding or not, you'll be enticed and addicted. This is pretty much the handheld equivalent as a Japanese danmaku (Bullet-hell) arcade shooter, with the aim being to to shoot down as many ships as possible so you'll see those numbers add up and up, relying on twitch reflexes to keep yourself safe. Just say no.

PS VITA: Joe Danger (PS VITA Version)
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Yup, it's hard to believe that this cute 2D racer was created by Hello Games, currently developing the infinite beauty known as No Man's Sky. Joe Danger is a movie stuntman, and as well as completing tracks quick, you've got to complete them with style. This is pretty much Stuntman crossed with Trials, and with this PS VITA version including both Joe Dangers 1 and 2, try not to laugh in whimsical delight as Joe earns his pay the entertaining way.

What do you guys think about this crop of Instant Game Collection games? Tell us in the comments below!

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