Friday, 29 August 2014

The Month On Gold: September 2014

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Another month and another list of Games with Gold games courtesy of Major Nelson. Once again, Xbox One owners just get the ONE free game, with Crimson Dragon staying from last month, while both consoles seem to get some good games!

Xbox One: Super TIME Force
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In Super TIME Force, you play as the group called the Super Time Force, a military division that travels in time, and your mission is to save the cute, cuddly dinosaurs from extinction. You'll do this by running through various bullet-filled levels, but you'll only have 30 lives to do it. Once you run out, you can rewind time to play as the same character again, or retry as a new one. Luckily, there are 16 unique characters, all with their own abilities and guns, so you'll (Hopfully) be able to beat this lead-sandwich of a game.

Xbox 360: Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine
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Hotline Miami has pixelated brutality, while Monaco has stylish, systematic killing. It's obvious that Monaco got it's influences from the mask-filled shooter, but Monaco changes more than enough to fend for itself. You can play as 8 different characters, such as The Locksmith or The Redhead. each with their own unique abilities that can tackle each mission differently. Go in silent, picking locks and hiding in the shadows, or you can just blow the place to high heaven, all while having a catchy piano soundtrack playing in the background. Thieving has never been so whimsical.

Halo: Reach
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As the last Halo developed by Bungie and as a prequel to the entire series, Reach was a big entry in the Halo franchise. It had a campaign that followed four Spartans who were fighting the bloody battle to keep the planet Reach from falling into Covenant hands, the trademark fun-filled Halo multiplayer with popular new modes such as Infected, the creative and fun Forge level edito and the co-op Firefight mode, a more open Horde mode where the only option is to survive.

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