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SWTOR lowdown: Season 2 Disappointment!

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Well this week season 2 rewards were announced and tbh I'm a little disappointed. Bioware has a problem with pvpers in this game as there has been no new content for a while and let's face it ranked matches don't pop that offen. These rewards should keep the PVP community playing this game not driving them away. I like the fact that they introduced titles for the top pvpers in the game but I think they deserve more. Considering that there was a forum thread asking the community for suggestions on rewards, this is a slap on the face. I was more exited about season 1 rewards because In my opinon there has been no improvement. I hope that season 3 PVP has better rewards than this and I doubt that many pvpers were pleased with the rewards given. 

Also this week
the rackgoul event has launched on tatooine, the event is fairly similar to the last on alderaan, a new world boss is entertaining to kill and there is world PVP happening which is good for the community. The tunnel layout is the same as the last event but never the less it is one of my favourites. Also there is a new boss in Kanon under sige that drops a pet, the last time I ran that flashpoint was when the content was brand new. 

Now here is the PVP rewards.

Announcing End Season 2 Rewards

Greetings PvPers!

With the end of Season 2 fast approaching, we know there is a lot of interest in what will be this season’s rewards. The end of Season 2 will come with Game Update 2.9 and your rating, when the servers come down for the update, will determine which tier you are in and what rewards you receive. The higher your tier the better your rewards!

As noted in the Season 2 update there are now three tiers of rewards instead of the previous five. To read more about that change please see the What’s New in Season 2 Blog.

Just like in Season 1, the Highest Earned rating that determines the tier you are in – not Current – so no need to feel like you are risking Rating by going after the next tier up! To see your Highest Earned Rating, check the Warzone Rating and Stats page in the Warzone Queue GUI. Please note that the Rating displayed on the Leaderboards are the Current Ratings, not Highest Earned. Once Season 2 has come to an end and all Ratings have been reset, the Season 2 Leaderboards will be archived off so you can always reference who was tops in previous seasons.

Tier Rewards

(Based on your tier at the end of Season 2)

Tier 3 – Rating < 1275

Unique Season 2, Tier 3 Title (Professional)
Bronze Trophy Decoration (Stronghold)

Tier 2 – Rating 1275-1599

Unique Season 2, Tier 2 Title (Champion)
Silver Trophy Decoration (Stronghold)
Holo-Replica of Giradda the Hutt’s Pleasure Barge Decoration (Stronghold)

Tier 1 – Rating 1600+

Unique Season 2 Tier 1 Title (All-Star)
Gold Trophy Decoration (Stronghold)
Holo-Replica of Giradda the Hutt’s Pleasure Barge Decoration (Stronghold)
Baron Deathmark’s Huttball Helmet (adaptive armor)

In addition to these tiered rewards the top performers (and we mean top!) are getting something special! The three highest rated characters of each Advanced Class are getting a very unique title. The All-Galaxy title that is specific to the advanced class of the character that receives it, for example “All-Galaxy Guardian”.  Only 96 characters will receive this reward. Do you want to be the very best like no one ever was? Here is your chance!

Are you good enough to don Deathmark’s helm? Get the group back together for one last hurrah or brave the solo queue and show them all!

Happy Hunting!

-The Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ PvP Team

Hope this helped and remember to share your views in the comments bellow!

Also this week I will be posting a new sub series from Joe's MMOS: the one with...

This will be articles about my personal experiences in different games. Also the WILDSTAR review will be posted later this week, I know there hasn't been an MMO review in a while but it's because I have been playing ESO and WILDSTAR at the same time and wanted to finish them before I review. So WILDSTAR will be posted soon and ESO in the following weeks, than I will start playing GW2. 

Joe :p

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