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Random Reviews: GoD Factory Wingmen!


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The Overview
If you have played or read my SWTOR article on the Galactic Starfighter mode, GoD Factory is similar to that. There are 3 different game modes, each giving the player a different experience, plus the ship builder is where you can ' release your inner design guru' creating all sorts of different ships, the tutorial for the new players and the online mode.

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The Features

The first thing I did was to play some online battles, each battle consisting of different objectives; for example destroy all enemy fighters. Having played some GSF ( Galactic Starfighter ) I had no problem figuring out the controls and after your first few matches you will become a pro in no time. Now the great thing about this game is that you can fly just about anywhere. Sometimes you can get space combat that is fixed and you have no ability to move but this game is so different it even gives you the option to change ships during the battle. Also, 'the artwork in this game is incredible'. When you're flying around shooting things, take a moment to appreciate how well detailed the planets and ships around you have been designed. Now depending on your race: Ar Blossom, Chorion, Guantri and Human.You have different abilities during combat : for example as a human you can use a decoy ship to fool your opponents. 

Now for all you tricksters out there, this game has something for you too! During the tutorial you are taught all kinds of skills to make a fool out of the enemy players, such as backflips, loop de loops and spins. This really helps you outwit the other players and add some flair and challenge to your game.

The Verdict

Even though this game can take some time to get used too, especially if you haven't played this style of game before, I do recommend you try it out. However I don't feel that this game is worth anything over the asking price of £14.99 (Around $20 ). This game can just get away with that price as long as they continue to bring out new free content and maps for the game. Still, GoD Factory Wingmen is definitely worth looking out for in a Steam sale and if you are a hardcore space shooter kinda guy than this may be the game for you! 
With all this considered 'I give this game a 7/10'. This is because I don't feel that there is much content in the game and you could get bored easily if you played for a considerable amount of time.

Thanks to Joseph Walsh from Namco Bandai Games for sending us a review code!

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