Thursday, 28 August 2014

Our (Exclusive) Destiny

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"These items are EXCLUSIVE to Xbox One/Playstation 4 - until tomorrow" (Shuhei Yoshida/Phil Spencer)

Playstation have announced (In a YouTube video) what exclusive items will be coming to Destiny only on Playstation - but there's a catch. PS3 and PS4 owners will get exclusive access to the Dust Palace Strike map, Strike being the endgame mode that requires 5 other friends to play, and the Exodus Blue PVP map, which looks like it's set in Old Russia. In Old Russia, 5 other friends require YOU to play!

Also there's some gear too! Each class get it's own set of armor; Titan getting the Vanir set, Hunter the Argus set and Warlock the Manifold set, plus there's two new weapons, the Hawkmoon (A handgun) and the Carlo (An auto rifle which Carlo is understandably excited about.) and last of all 3 ship designs. It's a pretty standard exclusive affair, but there's a revelation at the end of the trailer. In small print, Bungie explains that content is "exclusive until at least fall 2015". No one will really care about the exclusives by then, but this (And the timed exclusivity of Rise of the Tomb Raider) shows that, with huge million-dollar budgets, developers and publishers can't risk full exclusivity anymore, as they may not make as much money as they have the potential to. 

Also, in other Destiny news, Xbox One owners can now pre-purchase the game on the Marketplace, Eurgoamer spotted. Both the standard edition and Guardian Edition (Which contains the Season Pass and other tidbits)  are available to pre-order for £54.99 and £84.99 respectively, so if you want to play Destiny the minute it comes out, pre-purchase it exclusi- timed exclusi- on Xbox One.

What do you guys think? If you own an Xbox, are you annoyed by the Playstation-exclusive items? Tell us in the comments below!

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