Friday, 29 August 2014

Our Drones Can Deliver Anything....

Image from www.engadget,com
...That's coated in 50 layers of bubble wrap.

RIVALRY-FUELLED news today, as it seems Google are getting their own back on Amazon after the online market nabbed video streaming site Twitch, a company that Google was rumored to want for many months. The revenge method? Building their own delivery drones and recording them delivering light-weight products to farmers in Australia and over a 1km distance, a feat that Amazon have not yet publicly matched since they announced their Drone delivery project. Google's project is called Project Wing and is the latest product to come out from their amazing Google X lab, the lab that created the Google Glass and the protyped Self-Driving Car. 

As well as being used for delivering shopping, these drones could also be used in natural disaster situations, like delivering supplies and (Eventually) picking survivors up out of the rubble and carrying them to safety. It's far-fetched, but seeing what Google are capable of means that they could be working on things that are a lot crazier than this.

What do you guys think? Will Amazon or Google win the Drone Delivery Race? Tell us in the comments below!

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