Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Best of Gamescom 2014: Sony Edition

Yesterday, Sony held their conference at Gamescom Day 1, showing multiple trailers and making multiple (minor) announcements. It started with the triple A game trailers for the exclusives: The Order 1886, LittleBigPlanet 3, and Bloodborne which all look insanely good. The community creativity is still present in LBP, The Order, although missing sound, looks really fun and Bloodborne seems like Dark Souls in the future. After the initial burst of trailers, CEO Jim Ryan revealed that 10 million PS4 consoles were sold through. Those are some impressive numbers, but what they announced next was slightly less...

Indies! Indies! M-More Indies...
A wave of indie game announcements hit the conference, starting with The Tomorrow Children, a game about dreams being trapped in some place. Unique and interesting premise, sounds cool. Next there was The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, a game that has the feel of a horror but seems to have Murdered Soul Suspect-like gameplay (Let's hope it's better than that). Following that was a game called Volume, a stealth game with a 3D retro look, but it seems too familiar. Next was Hollowpoint, a seemingly 2D game that features robots. After that DayZ was announced to be coming to the PS4! No word yet on if it is a exclusive or timed exclusive, but it should still be as fun as the PC version. Next we see Hellblade, possibly a spiritual successor to Heavenly Sword (A game I sadly missed out on) coming first to the system. After that, vibrant open gameplay appears showing a kid exploring in a game called Rime. Another wave of indie games which seem fun, but this is in fact the problem of the entire conference (more on that later).

Triple A's! Tactical Boxes! Possible Drugs!
Following that was Activision's CEO talking about how Destiny is the most pre-ordered IP ever and that there will be timed exclusive content on Destiny for the PlayStation. We get a peek at some Far Cry 4 gameplay of 'Shangri-La', a mythical plane to explore (Maybe on a drug trip?). Shadow of Mordor and MGS V trailers next, with MGS showing tactical use of cardboard boxes such as...distracting people with pictures of pretty ladies stuck on the side of your box. Funny but weird. P.T (*cough* Silent Hill *cough*) shows footage of people being scared, but I want to see the actual game. The interactive trailer is on PS Store for everyone to try.
PS Now! Wild! Paper!
Share Play was announced, allowing the friends of PS Plus members to take turns on playing games, allowing them to join and play games that you own without needing to download or own the game themselves. Also some talk about Morpheus and that PS Now is coming to EU 2015. A horror game called Until Dawn is unveiled and Driveclub is shown again. Looks nice, and speaking of looking nice, Tearaway, the beautiful paper cut-out looking game by Media Molecule, is coming to PS4 with new content.! Wild, a fantasy game closes out the conference, an open world game but no actual gameplay (I think).

Overall, Sony revealed many games and showed off the games that had already been annpunced, but I feel that it got too crowded with indie titles and didn't really explore the triple As. Although the indies seem interesting, the triple A games seem more exciting and would draw a larger crowd, but exclusives like Uncharted weren't even mentioned. Just slightly lacklustre but good nonetheless. It needs to focus on a particular subject other than bombarding us with snippets of separate ones.

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