Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Dance The Maturity Away!

"Wait a minute, I thought that Xbox has all of the n00bish 10 year-olds. I hate them so much" (Random WiiU owner, age 10)

Baguettes-related news today, as Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot (Or "who-heh-he-hon" to any racist grandad) has told Games Informer that Watch Dogs "will be the only mature game we [Ubisoft] publish on it [Forever and ever and ever]". Yup, despite the amazing and innovative exclusive that was ZombiU and a port of the acclaimed Assassin's Creed IV, Ubisoft's mature games haven't been selling well on Nintendo's struggling platform, a safe bet, considering that the console is the most family oriented of the trio. Still, according to Guillemot, Nintendo are "Very interested in Just Dance", no big surprise, seeing as the Japanese giants helped Ubisoft start off the series back on the Wii.

Once again, this is pretty obvious news. With the Kinect becoming an accessory for the Xbox One and no-one knowing that the PlayStation Camera exists, Just Dance is one of the best-fitting and bestselling games for the Wii U, and one that will surely continue to prosper on the console. It seems like Ubisoft will now mainly be shifting motion-control games to the Wii U, including the upcoming Step Up, AKA the game that ruined E3 for everyone and made multiple developers look like idiots.

The big question is: what does this spell for the Wii U? On the one hand, if the mature games weren't selling well, this won't affect sales, but then again, without any blockbuster mature games coming out, what will tempt older players to buy the console?

What do you guys think? If you own a Wii U, how does this make you feel? Tell us in the comments below!

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