Thursday, 14 August 2014

Best of Gamescom 2014: EA Edition

The last big conference of Gamescom, EA's was somewhat of a disappointment, with only 1 new game (And one piece of DLC) announced. Still, the very few moments that were highlights were great to watch, so Andrew Ryan (AKA the Barbie doll that was never released) did an alright job this time around. Still no Mass Effect 4 though.
                                                                          Battlefield Hardline

Like Call of Duty, Battlefield Hardline underwhelmed many at E3, and Gamescom was its chance to win back the hearts of fans lost after an unconvincing Beta. Also like Call of Duty, Battlefield succeeded, showing off two new trailers that applied to two new fan groups. First up, the 12 minute Singleplayer gameplay demo shows off how Hardline's missions have become more open-ended, somewhat like Far Cry's. As the player advances through the mission, multiple approaches can be chosen and, unlike many other games, you can choose to stick with that approach for the whole mission, not until a scripted event happens. The facial features look accurate and deep, too, along with amazing-looking explosions. The second trailer shows off two new multiplayer game modes: Hotwire and Rescue. Hotwire is a Bloody Good Time with squads game mode, where squads from each side are sent to hunt down another, and Rescue is a Counter-Strike-esque mode, where a SWAT team tries to rescue as many hostages as they can in 3 minutes. Sure, it has been influenced a lot by other games, but it's looking more promising than it did at E3.
                                                                                Shadow Realms

The only new game announced by EA at Gamescom, Shadow Realms takes Evolve's 4v1 aspect and turns it into a third-person Action RPG. Developed by SWTOR creators Bioware Austin, who sure know how to develop an RPG, Shadow Realms is set on modern-day Earth and a magical world called Embra (Check Bioware's blog for more); its modern day setting meaning that as well as classic RPG swords and magic, there will be firearms in the game too. It'll be an episodic game that focuses on story, where the 4 heroes can be either a Warrior, Wizard, Assassin, Cleric, Ranger or Warlock, each with their own magical and technological abilities, while the 1 bad guy will play as a Shadowlord, an invisible beast that  can possess creatures and control the game world. You can sign up for the closed alpha at the Shadow Realms website, but you will need an Origin account.

                                                                                  FIFA 15  

Originally, FIFA 15  looked like Fifa 14 with better graphics, as I expected. It may still look that way, but there have been some subtle changes that will make the game generally more fun to play. Goalkeeper technology has been improved, meaning that the Legendary goalkeeper you just bought with REAL MONEY (Tut Tut) on Ultimate Team won't suck and blow at the same time, instead being the unstoppable superstar that you expected. There will also be "improved daylight". Whatever the hell that means. Anyways, it's now more licensed than ever, too, with all 20 Premier League stadiums appearing in the game, more scanned player faces and the return of the Turkish League! Thanks god, I missed playing as Ufuk Degirmenci! The demo will be coming out this month, but only on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
                                                                                    Titanfall: IMC Rising

Titanfall was revealed as the best-selling Xbox One game so far. Not a big surprise, considering how it introduced verticality, mechs, and the Smart Pistol to Microsoft's console. After a free update that improved the graphics and an impressive new map pack, Frontier's Edge, Respawn have announce the third and final map pack: IMC Rising. It will include three maps and will be coming out in Autumn, but not much has been said apart from that, althjpugh I'm predicting that there will be IMC-themed Titans and weapons in the pack as well.
So, that wraps up the highlights of EA's conference; there was also NHL 15, Dragon Age: Inquisitition an The Sims 4 gameplay, but nothing that excited. Stay tuned for Joe's highlights of the Microsoft press conference later today!

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