Thursday, 17 July 2014

Yogscast with Money and Failed Games

Let's Play: Bad Ideas Simulator!

Yogscast related news today, as the British YouTubers/Business have made two controversial announcements this week. The first? Their new YogDiscovery  programming, which means  that Yogscast will get a share of the profits of a game if they've done a video on it and sales have increased. Announced as an open letter on Reddit, YogDiscovery is being launched to "negate the financial risk of playing games that aren't guaranteed profit." I'll talk more about this in a opinion piece later tomorrow, but the fact that there's financial risk involved is preposterous. Check out my opinion piece tomorrow. Also give me all your money.

The second is that their planned game, Yogventures, which was being developed by indie studio Winterkewl Games and was funded on Kickstarter, has been canned, and its likely that the developer will shut down. The game was cancelled because, as cofounder of Yogscast Lewis Brindley said in an email to all backers, "The project was proving too ambitious". Instead, fans have been compensated with a Steam key to early access game TUG, but with no option to get a refund. Anyone who ordered physical goods should have got them by now, so if you haven't, email, and if you are due an in-game item, an equivalent will be given to you in TUG. Phew. Yogscast should hire me.

What do you guys think? If you funded Yogventures, are you satisfied with TUG? Tell us in the comments below!

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