Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Winterkewl Melts In Summer

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Yogventures? More like Yoghere'sTUGinstead!

Bad news today, as Yogventure developer Winterkewl Studios have announced that they are going to disband, as founder Kristian Vale told Eurogamer. The main reason behind this is that Yogventures would've never been finished thanks to a limited budget and a lack of business experience on Winterkewl's part. Despite the fact that the Kickstarter garnered $567,000, Yogscast were given $150,000 of the cut, and have not yet announced what they will do with it. The best idea would be to give the customers refunds, as Winterkewl now have virtually no money now.

Still, with backers being given a Steam key of TUG, a game that Yogscast has now partnered with, it raises the question: Are backers getting what they paid for? Sure, they're getting a game, but are they getting the game they wanted? Surely if backers wanted TUG,they would've backed it?

Well, comparing the game's two Kickstarter pages and gameplay videos, the games virtually look the same, bar a Yogscast garnish on Winterkewl's game. They are both multiplayer focused, they are both open-world sandbox games, both encourage using gameplay mechanics to create new worlds, and both have full modding support. I would say that TUG is definitley the best fit for a Yogventures replacement, but what backers really want is Yogventures.

What do you guys think? Does TUG seem like a good replacement? Tell us in the comments below!

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