Friday, 25 July 2014

Top 5 Games Of The Year So Far

5. Sportsfriends
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Sportsfriends is the definite local multiplayer game. It has 6 games (2 of which are secret) to choose from, and all are guaranteed to ruin friendships! Super Pole Riders is a 4-player adaptation of Bennett Foody's much loved Pole Riders flash game (It helped me get through French this year!), Joust is a game that doesn't even require a TV; all you need to do is tilt your opponents controllers while keeping yours stable, Barabariball is a weird cross between basketball, football and Gladiators, and Hokra is a minimalist variant on ice hockey. It also includes one of the most tedious trophies of all time. Enjoy!

4. Titanfall
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Many people will question why Titanfall is on this list. Sure, it wasn't a system seller, but it was still an amazingly fun game. The quick framerate means that matches are fast-paced and hugely replayable, the maps have a sense of scale, Pilots are equally as dangerous as Titans, and Titanfall has a story/multiplayer hybrid that has enough narrative to keep you interested, but can still be replayed over and over again without the sense of "been there, done that".

3. Strider
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A reboot for the hero that Capcom almost forgot, Strider was a truly excellent platformer, as shown by the fact that it's Carlo's highest rated game so far. Calling it a Metroid-Vania styled game would not only be a cliche, but it would also be an insult: Strider's acrobatics, special moves and huge varieties of enemies and explorable worlds almost puts it in a genre of its own. There are plenty of memorable bosses, too, something that 2D platformers always need to get right.

2. Valiant Hearts: The Great War
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This game is guarunteed to make even the most emotionless blobs (I'm looking at you, Marcus Fenix) be reduced to sad sacks of tears. The art style is absolutely beautiful, and the intertwining stories are extremely well coordinated, while each character's different abilities and the way that you feel connected to them all adds up to an astounding game. There are puzzles and platforming aplenty, and with the story lasting about 6 hours, it's a good value for money and overall a fantastic piece of art.

1. Wolfestein: The New Order
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Plenty of people will be surprised at this, but there is a huge reason why Wolfenstein deserves to be number 1: it focuses on the singleplayer. In a huge saturated FPS market where huge companies pump out more and more emotionless shooters, it's good too see that Machine Games' debut is one that has a fun but interesting campaign and story. 20 hours of campaign is already good enough, but that fact that you can play through it twice and get different results (Thanks to a decision you make at the start) just gives you another reason to play. While being an over-the-top gorefest, Wolfenstein doesn't glorify war, showing you the emotions behind the battles too.

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