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The Month Ahead: August 2014

5th: Sacred 3
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After six years of waiting, Sacred fans will be pleased to know that the third installment of the hack n' slash series will finally be in their hands, able to explore the world of Ancaria all over again. As well as welcome returns, Sacred 3 will also have some great new features, including seamless online and offline co-op and leaderboards, plus there's a new class in the form of the Malakhim. Still, despite all of the new complexities, Sacred 3 is an arcade hack n' slash at heart, and will surely be a hoot to play with friends.

19th: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition
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A package containing Diablo III and it's critically acclaimed Reaper Of Souls expansion for current AND last gen consoles. Doesn't sound bad, does it? However, this isn't just the normal Reaper of Souls; a couple of changes have been added. You can now play 4-player local or multiplayer co-op with your friends or shouty pre-pubescent kids, the new Apprentice mode makes it easier to level up if you're with someone that's a higher level than you, and there's a new mail system that lets you send loot to your buddies. This edition isn't that evil after all!

27th: Infamous: First Light
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As one of the only people who is genuinely excited for this standalone DLC, I'm so glad that Sucker Punch have decided to explore other character's stories. This DLC shows off Fetch's (The Neon homeless lady who wouldn't look out of place in a "Just Say No" advert)  time in the Curdun Cay prison, as she is molded into a fighting machine. As well as having a story mode (And hopefully an open-world Curdun Cay to explore) there will also be a Conduit Training Room mode, where you can test your mettle and set some high scores in a variety of neony minigames.

29th: Madden NFL 15
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EA's licensed bullish behemoth is back for another year of what looks like one of the most fun installments of Madden yet. The main change here is a revamped defense system that lets players have more control over their player when they get locked into another, enabling you to play better, rather than just standing there and crying when your opponent gets past the scrimmage on 4th down. There's also going to be a more-TV like presentation to the matches, something EA have tried with 2014 FIFA World Cup, and something that they have done very well.

29th: Metro Redux
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A compilation of the best Eastern European horror games (Sorry S.T.A.L.K.E.R), Redux puts the trouser-browning Metro 2033 and the more action-oriented Metro Last Light in a package (Plus all of it's DLC) with huge graphical hauls and updates. Now running on the latest iteration of the 4A Engine, both games will also have better AI, a feature that the Metro games have lacked in past years. The most interesting feature by far, though, is the introduction of play styles. While the Survival play style is a horror-oriented mode, the Spartan play style is more suited to action, and you'll be able to play both campaigns in either of these modes. Now you'll be able to see what Last Light would be like if it was scary, and how good 2033 is when all of it's horror is gone.

All release dates are for Europe.

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