Thursday, 24 July 2014

SWTOR Lowdown: Party On The PTS

Hi guys, these are the patch notes for game update 2.9 on the Public Test Server ( When the PTS comes online again). This will include the long awaited Galactic Strongholds, Guild Ships and my personal favorite, the new storyline. Bioware has also promised some bug fixes in this patch so that is always good news. Remember that these are pts patch notes and could change at any time so don't get your hopes up! The patch notes will be listed below, after the break!

Patch notes 

Galactic Strongholds Subscriber Early Access! Subscribers who have reached level 15 can now purchase a Galactic Stronghold on Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, Dromund Kaas, and Coruscant by visiting the Stronghold Directory on the Fleet or on the Stronghold’s planet. 
New Flashpoint: Depths of Manaan! Continue the Forged Alliances storyline with a new Level 55 Tactical Flashpoint set on the water-covered planet of Manaan. 
  • The GSI Satellite Support Service is now in open beta testing on Makeb. Once registered with the GSI support satellites, GSI will track your every move and provide you with the following support services:[line]
  • Gear is now bolstered to a 156 rating while on Makeb, increasing all stats!
  • When combat is detected, a Medical Probe will be deployed to administer long-lasting, refreshing Kolto, healing you for 2% every 3 seconds while you remain in combat.
  • There is now a 250% boost to exploration Experience while on Makeb.[/line]
  • Pets now occasionally make noises.
Galactic Strongholds
  • Galactic Strongholds on Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, Dromund Kaas and Coruscant are now available to players who have reached Level 15 and have enough credits to purchase the Stronghold.
  • Strongholds can be purchased by going to the Stronghold Directory on either Fleet or on the respective Stronghold planet.
  • An introductory Mission that grants a set of starter Decorations is offered by the Stronghold Commissioner, who can be found on either Fleet or on either Capital planet.
  • Guildmasters can purchase a Guild Headquarters at any Stronghold Directory. This purchase requires a Guild Bank with enough credits. (PTS prices are not final.)
  • New Schematics are available on all Crew Skill trainers:
    • Industrial Prefabs can be crafted by Armormechs, Armstechs, and Cybertechs.
    • Synthetic Prefabs can be crafted by Artificers, Biochems, Synthweavers.
    • Universal Prefabs can be crafted by any profession.
    • Prefabs are divided into three tiers: MK-1, MK-2, and MK-3.
  • Prefabs may be exchanged at the Fabricator Droids in the Strongholds & Crew Skills quadrant of either Fleet for a wide variety of Decorations.
  • Decorations now drop from every Flashpoint and Operation.
  • Many Flashpoint and Operation Achievements now provide special Trophy Decorations that can be placed on the walls of your Stronghold. You can view them in the Achievement Reward Window. These Decorations will be automatically unlocked when the Achievement is earned. You can also you can right-click the item icon to unlock it once the Achievement is earned.
  • Decorations may be purchased for Warzone Commendations and Fleet Commendations at the Starfighter & PvP Decorations Vendor on either Fleet.
Missions + NPCs
  • The density of enemies on Makeb has been reduced.
  • Group scaling has been removed from the following Missions, and the difficulty of the boss encounter no longer scales based on the number of players in the group:
    • Stealing Thunder (Imperial)
    • Revenge of the Archon (Imperial)
    • Hitting the Hutts (Republic)
    • Taking on Toborro (Republic)

Bug fixes 
Bugs in the game That Bioware are planning to fix before 2.9 so the new patch runs smoothly. ( as I'm sure it will *wink *wink).

Known Issues
  • Players can get stuck in an infinite loading screen if the "Return to Space" option is used when exiting a Stronghold. This option appears if the Player just completed a Warzone or a Galactic Starfighter battle.
  • Deactivating a Stronghold with Decorations placed inside causes the Decorations to vanish.
  • Legacy Cargo doesn’t properly display purchased Bays.
  • A Party can’t be converted to an Ops group if any members are in a Stronghold.
  • Companions of the opposing Faction are hostile towards the Player and can be killed for Experience.
  • You are unable to travel to a Stronghold after deleting every character on an account and then creating a new character.
  • Players invited through General invite or Public Listing don’t see the Stronghold Name banner.
  • Players will not receive an Invitation if they are invited from the "Open Invite Dialog" button, found in the Stronghold Toolbar.
  • The "Rotation" Axis doesn’t reset to default (0) when pressing "Reset Changes" after using "Apply Changes" and modifying the position again.
  • "<br>" text appears in the Area name in multiple locations.
  • Strongholds and Decorations are lost when the purchasing character is deleted.
  • The timer for "/stuck" should be reduced while in Strongholds.
  • The Cartel Coin option for Stronghold purchase is not grayed out, but is not available on PTS. Clicking this option will present an infinitely spinning "Requesting Data" pop up.
Hope this helped and I wish you all the time decorating your apartments. See you in game!

Joe :p

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