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Sam's Opinion Of... YouTubers And Money.

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Now, I know that I shouldn't really have a say in this debate because our YouTube channel is only tiny, but I've got a pretty strong view on this debate, and it's that only the developers and publishers should get the sales revenue for a game they made. Now, on with the rant...

With the advent of Yogscast's new YogDiscovery program, where Yogscast content creators will get a cut of the sales revenue of a game if a video they've produced helps sales, and the controversy of EA's Ronku system (YouTubers getting paid for saying positive things about EA games) have led to a huge debate: Should YouTubers get a slice of revenue if they help out sales in a game? I believe not. I know it sounds pretty harsh, especially since running a YouTube channel can be costly, but YouTubers make ad revenue from adverts, so why would they need to take money from developers too? If the developers hadn't of made the game, would the YouTuber have made as much ad revenue? Developers, journalists, YouTubers and bloggers alike are all interdependant on each other, so they should be supporting each other, not taking shares of each others money.

One of the things that really angered me about the YogDiscovery program is the quote that this program "negates the financial risk of making a video that isn't guaranteed profit.". The first thing I hate about that quote is that there's apparently financial risks involved. All YogsCasters have enough profit to make a living (And more) and if you take the big guns like Lewis and Simon, they're making millions every year. I don't see why they would need to take money from developers, considering that if games like Minecraft and Garry's Mod hadn't of come along, Yogscast wouldn't be what it is today.

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The second thing is that they claim that some of their videos aren't guaranteed profit. They have absolutely huge fanbases that support them, yet they still feel the need to get profits from developers? If you have a big fanbase, you are guaranteed big views on any and all videos you make, so why ignore them and go to the developers? 

The last problem I have with this program is that there's the problem of bias whenever they put up a video. I'm sure (Or at least I hope) that Yogscasters wouldn't just say good things about the game to increase sales and therefore increase their cash flow, but if this program became a huge thing on YouTube, smaller content creators that are looking to get big would be enticed to say good things about the game so they can realize their dream of making big bucks (Or a living) from the job of their dreams.

Of course, I'm neither a big YouTuber nor an industry professional, so I don't fully know how a system works, but I hope you've enjoyed my opinion on this matter, and make sure to agree or disagree in the comments below!

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