Monday, 7 July 2014

Quickie Review: Chaos Ride

"This is chaos!" "No, THIS IS RACING!"

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Chaos Ride is one the craziest adrenaline rushes you can get in mobile gaming, and relies on split second decisions and lightning-fast reactions. This means that Chaos Ride is game that demands all of your attention, and can be quite addictive, but is by no means not a pick up and play game, with most races lasting from 1-3 minutes. You may think that Chaos Ride is easy as you use your turbo at the start of your first race and blaze ahead into 1st, but a soon humbling as the other racers catch up will reveal that Chaos Ride is tactical racer too, with timing being key. The physics element of CR also adds more depth to the racing, meaning that you've got to make quick decisions when you're going up and down ramps or turning, with the giant spherical tunnel you race in having a 360 degree aspect to it.

Speaking of quick decisions, if you've got to make quick decisions, you've got to have good controls. Thankfully, the accelerometer is hugely responsive, making Chaos Ride much more enjoyable to play, and with easy tap-to-turbo controls, Chaos Ride has complex aspects helped by an easy to use, hard to master control system. The bikes, while not cosmetically customisable, can be changed performance-wise, with the ability to change weight, turbo power and steering all affecting wide amount of variables while you race. If you make yourself lighter, you'll go faster on straights, but slower on ramps. There's a lot to think about in Chaos Ride, and that how it distances itself from the app flock.

There are also tons of different modes to play, ranging from long Endurance races to tense Elimination events, and 6 fun and good looking tracks to race them on means you're getting value for money. Also, no microtransactions. YIPPEE!
Speaking of good looking, for a mobile game, Chaos Ride looks great, with beautiful noir cities and detailed tracks that astound even as you whizz past them, and the soundtrack is catchy and the perfect accompaniment to the crazy and complex racing that ensues.

A huge thanks to Scott Harber from Sc0tt Games for the Review code!

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