Saturday, 5 July 2014

Please Don't Cry(Tek)

Hugely sad news, as more than 100 staff from Crytek UK (Makers of the Timesplitters series and currently developing Homefront: The Revolution) quit their jobs on Wednesday, having not been paid since April, according to Kotaku. This due to financial trouble, although Crytek haven't gone into the reasons why. It hasn't been smooth sailing for Crytek as of late, with a dispute with Microsoft leading to a Ryse sequel being cancelled (Oh noooo), and now it seems like Homefront: The Revolution will be in development limbo, unless publisher Deep Silver injects more money into the project, as per the rumor.

Now, I've narrowed it down to 2 big reasons why I think Crytek UK lost money. #1 is the sales failure of Crysis 3. Sure, you may be thinking "But it was on top of the sales charts in most countries!". Well, that is true, but its only real competition was Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, plus EA admitted that it didn't meet sales expectations, and with Crysis 3 being Crytek UK's first game since 2008, this didn't bode well for them.

Reason #2 is that they are a big studio. Spending so much money on a game that you're developing while trying to pay over 100 employees with the disappointing amount of money you made from another game isn't exactly an award winning recipe for money management, and with Crytek UK hiring people from Rare and Swordfish Studios in the past couple of years, that can't have helped financially. Let's just hope that Crytek UK can survive rough patch, and that all the former employees can move to other studios.

What do you guys think the reason was? Too many employees, or poor Crysis 3 sales? Tell us in the comments below!

(Sorry about the lack of pictures, it'll be like this for a couple of days.)

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