Monday, 21 July 2014


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Gosh, that meme is so mid-2000s. 

Navi-related news today, as ISPs like Virgin, BT and TalkTalk have agreed to send emails to customers that discourage them from pirating content if they discover that they are illegally downloading things on the internet. People really underrate emails, y'know? Emails convinced me to get off of drugs, and my friend's tendency to drink and drive was completely halted when he got an email from the police.

Anyways, after that sarcastic rant, there are certain situations where emails could work. Sure, if an adult was pirating things and was sent an email, it wouldn't give him a reason to stop (Other than the fact that it's illegal) but if a parent was unaware that their kid was downloading things illegally, then they could do something about it. Still, for something that's illegal, you'd think that ISPs would take more drastic action than a simple "Please stop" in your inbox.

Still, the craziest thing about this announcement is that it will cost £3.5 million to fund Creative Content UK, the team behind this lenient idea. Does it really cost that much to look at people's data and send them emails? Surely ISPs would provide the data for free if it was to stop privacy? This is actually one of the craziest and overrated ideas the government came up with, and this is from a group of people that think that punching holes in the ground is an eco-friendly thing to do. Gah.

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