Saturday, 5 July 2014

Guten Tag, Apfel

Seems like Apple want to use the wisdom of Tag Heuer to make.... the iCar. Yeah...

Exciting news today, as Tag Heuer (A Swiss watch company) have confirmed in a statement that Vice President of Sales Patrick Pruniaux will be leaving the makers of luxury come Monday for Apple, the makers of luxury-priced things that aren't quite as luxury. Burn. Anyways, this is pretty much all we need to (Unofficially) confirm that the iWatch is coming, Apple's first foray into the wearable world. Companies like Samsung and LG are making smartwatches, and with Google's Wear OS for smartwatches, its about time that the Silicon Valleyites make their stand and release their own.

Alternatively, there's always the iDrill, a 60s colonel who shouts at you and calls you fat unless you're pumping iron. Any takers?

Still, with Apple stealing a Tag Heuer employee, it raises a question: Are smartwatches killing the watch industry? You may think that, because of the high prices and quality, watch companies will always be making profit, but with smartwatches becoming a cheaper alternative that can do a lot more than a conventional watch, people may start to switch to the electronic variety. Still, nothing shows class and style more than an expensive watch, and a plastic Pebble doesn't compare to a £1000 Rolex.

What would you rather have? A smartwatch or a conventional watch? Tell us in the commrntys below!

(Sorry for the lack of pictures, it'll be like this for a few days because my tablet doesn't support them)

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