Saturday, 19 July 2014

Free Means Free (Features Available For A Fee)

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Oh yeah, it's free. It's just you might need a time machine if you don't want to wait for 24 HOURS.

THANK GOD news today, as Google have agreed to not call games with in-app purchases "Free" on the Google Play Store, according to Android Police. This was announced after the European Commission, the law-makers of the EU, forced Google and Apple to give users the full picture of whether an app is completely free or not. While Apple haven't made any agreements yet, Google have fully agreed to these terms, which were probably brought up over the increasing (first-world) problem of children buying in-app purchases and racking up huge credit card bills. To be honest, I feel sorry for the banks. It's like they have no money!

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This change (And many others) will be fulfilled by the end of September. However, there is one law in the press release that looks like it will drastically change apps: "Games should not contain direct exhortation to children to buy items in a game or to persuade an adult to buy things for them.". This doesn't spell the end for microtransactions, but it does mean that there won't be any annoying pop-ups while you play a game, and it may end up meaning that microtransactions will be harder to find in games. This will only affect Europe, but it will still be a pretty big change for companies like King and Zynga that rely on pop-ups for most of their microtransactions. 

What do you guys think? Is this change for the better? I'll answer for you: YESYESYESYESYES

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