Friday, 25 July 2014

Everyone's Destiny

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Thanks to Bungie, the human race is destined to be fat, socially awkward blobs (Until Sunday)

Life-ruining news today, as best PR company in the world but also developers Bungie have decided to make people love them even more by making the Beta open to everyone until it ends on Saturday/Sunday (Depending on your time zone). That's right, anyone without a friend that loves them enough to give them a code (Because who ACTUALLY pre ordered the game? Oh, right) can now play this amazing Beta, as it was told in the sacred manuscripts of the BWho needs Master Chief when you can have Peter Dinklage for free?

(I'm not suggesting that Bungie have enslaved him so they can farm T-Shirts from him, per se)

This new influx of players means that the exclusive emblem that Bungie are offering Beta testers if they play after 10pm BST (2pm PDT) on Saturday won't be as exclusive after all, raising the question that if Bungie are letting everyone play the beta, should they allow players to carry on their stats and profiles?

In my opinion, YES. As pre-orderers (Or friends of pre-orderers) have already put a lot of time into the Beta (And I'm sure they'll put plenty more in) they should be rewarded, and since they've already played quite a bit of the start of the game, shouldn't be made to play it again. On the other hand, people who can't afford to pre-order shouldn't be put on the back burner just because they have less money, and starting everyone off at the same level would give everyone a good experience.

What do you guys think? Should data be carried over or not? Tell us in the comments below!

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