Friday, 18 July 2014

Bye, Buy Button!

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If only there was a place on the internet that I could buy things....

Facebook have introduced a new "Buy" button into their adverts that lets you buy a product (Probably with some sort of discount) without leaving the app. Yep, that's another detail to add to your Facebook profile! Anyways, this is probably in response to Twitter's buyout of CardSpring on Thursday, a company that creates apps that accept credit cards. That is a truly excellent business model.

Anyways, with Facebook's 1.2 billion users, this will probably give Facebook a huge profit boost, as well as giving boosts to smaller business too. It seems that Facebook is looking to be the be-all end-all company, what with it's purchase of Oculus VR, it's new Slingshot messaging app and now the ability to buy products in-app, so the question is this: What will Facebook try next?

My guess is that they will acquire a small phone company and create Facebook phones with their showcased-but-forgotten Facebook OS, with all of their apps built in that seamlessly connect with each other. But what do you guys think that Facebook's next move will be? Tell us in the comments below!

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