Monday, 7 July 2014

Better With Connect

Kinect, Connect, it's all the same thing, right?

Rifty news today, as Oculus have announced two major things; the first being their Oculus Connect conference. It will run fro. September 19th to September 20th, but you can sign up for it from Thursday if you want to see Lucky, Carmack and co. As well as speeches from the two mentioned, there'll be workshops on VR technology too, so if you want to create the next indie jumpscare horror skydiving scary experience Rift game, then come on down to Oculus Connect and learn how to make charity live stream material!

Another cool announcement from Oculus is that they have bought out RakNet, a game development system that uses C++ (A coding language) to implement online multiplayer into games. What's even cooler is that Lucky Palmer (I know its the wrong way!) has decided to make it Open Source, so if you want to try your hand at making some multiplayer madness for millions of people to directly feast their eyeballs on, then go on ahead to their GitHub page!

It's interesting that Oculus have bought RakNet, considering that they don't actually make games, but with an upcoming Doom game on the cards and former id Software employee John Carmack in the company, could a Rift version of the next Doom's multiplayer be a possibility? Maybe, but with relations between Oculus and Bethesda not too good (Bethesda tried to sue Oculus earlier this year) it might not.

What do you guys think? Could a native Oculus Rift version of Doom 4 be on the cards? Tell us in the comments below!

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