Monday, 23 June 2014

Wii Lawyer!

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Looks like Nintendo needed Phoenix Wright!

Bad news for Nintendo today, as they've lost a court case to tech company Philips over the motion control technology used in the Wii Remote and Wii Motion Plus, according to a statement found by Reuters. In the statement, a Philips spokesperson claimed that the motion control technology they patented would be "available to all manufacturers of set-top boxes and games consoles through a licensing program", indicating that if Nintendo were using Philips' property, they did have an option to get the license for it. Perhaps Nintendo could do an exchange instead! How about they keep the Wiimote and give Philips the patent for the Babysitting Mama controller!

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I mean, imagine what Philips could do with that!

Anyways, there's another interesting tidbit in the Philips statement: "We'd been trying to come to a licensing agreement with Nintendo since 2011" That means that Nintendo have fully well known about this problem for almost 3 years. Still, Nintendo are appealing, according to a Nintendo statement found by Gamesindustry, so until the case is released, we'll never know. Unless there's some type of Edward Snowden-esque Nintendo whistleblower out there!

Anyways, it's unlikely that Philips will try and stop Nintendo producing Wii Us and Wiimotes, as I imagine that Philips will probably settle for money. Still, this couldn't have come at a worse time, considering that Nintendo aren't in the best position right now.

What do you guys think? Will Nintendo start to lose money after this court case? Tell us in the comments below!

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