Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Second CEO

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"The reason most people play Second Life is because their lives are so good that they want a second one." (Ebbe Altberg, Never)

Good news for all of the 1 million people that play life simulator MMO Second Life, as the company that developed it, Linden Labs, is breathing new life into the forgotten (Well, at least by the media) game, thanks to it's relatively new CEO Ebbe Altberg. He's announcing a lot more new things for the beloved game, including Oculus Rift support, which means that you can now go about your daily Second Life in FIRST PERSON, right before your eyes! 

Now, seeing as Oculus VR is owned by Facebook, one could assume that Second Life could be coming to the social network. Also, Second Life ticks all the boxes that a Facebook game would: it's free, it has microtransactions and it's a game that can be played on all kinds of computers, not just gaming PCs. It would certainly bring the MMO more publicity (Considering that Facebook has over 1 billion users) and it would help Facebook hold it's own against other social networks. I may be going a little too far, but if Facebook strike up a deal with Linden Labs, would Linden Labs consider moving their Desura games marketplace to Facebook?

Naah, doubt it!

Anyways, one last change has been detailed by Altberg. In an interview with TheNextWeb, the new CEO announced that a new Second Life will be coming out as a beta in 2015, and as a full game in 2016, and that "40-50 more people" will be hired to create it. Please can it be called Second Second Life.

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What do you guys think? Do these new changes make you want to play Second Life? Tell us in the comments below!

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