Thursday, 19 June 2014

Black(Berry) Skinbots

Blackberries are now grown in the Amazon, idiots say.

Good news for all Blackberry 10 device owners, as they will be able to download some Android apps soon! The berry-loving Canadians have managed to strike up a deal with Amazon (According to Reuters) which means that Blackberry 10 devices will run the Android-powered Amazon App Store, meaning that over 240,000 Android apps will be downloadable, including biggies such as Netflix, Minecraft and the game that I hate most, Candy Crush Saga. However, Blackberry have no plans on ditching their own Blackberry App World, which contains just under half the amount of apps in the Amazon App Store, so anyone who still loves the original QWERTY Blackberrys won't be pooped on. I mean, who wants a Blackberry Poop pie?

Terrible, desperate jokes aside, this could be one of the saving graces for Blackberry, who have been in a bit of trouble as of late. Now, they'll have more to offer to their customers, and if they make their phones cheap enough, then Blackberry may then regain the respect they orignally had before Apple stole all of their pie-fillingyness.

Still, what do you guys think? Is this the return of Blackberry? Or has the damage been done? Tell us in the comments below!

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