Saturday, 28 June 2014

Best Of Google I/O!

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As most of you will probably know, Google's I/O conference went on a couple of days ago, with Google announcing tons of new stuff in regards to Android, smartwatches and other cool things. Here are the best announcements!

Android L
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The first thing that strikes you about Google's new incarnation of their popular Android OS is how beautiful it looks; a new style called 'Material Design' makes everything look classy, minimalist and 3D and makes Android a much more appealing OS to use. Still, Android 5.0 isn't just a visually pleasing texture pack: it adds a whole onslaught of new features, including a cool new 'Personal Unlock' feature that allows you to use your smartwatch to unlock your device (Yet another incentive to invest in a smartwatch) and Microsoft Office support for Google Drive, meaning that you can edit Word and other documents on your tablet or phone. Consumers will be able to lick this Lollipop later this year.

Android TV
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Sure, there are Smart TVs, but they only give us a tiny lick of what the Android operating system is truly capable of. Then, Google released the Chromecast, a stick that could stream films and TV shows from your device, but only on certain apps. Finally, TV manufacturers will be producing a new line of Android TVs, which, instead of having just certain company-specific app stores, will instead contain the whole Google Play store, enabling you to not only use watch TV and Films, but also play Android games too! Plus, as Google always like to put voice controls in all of their devices, the remote that comes with Android TVs will contain a microphone so you can browse apps hands-free. Samsung have already confirmed that they will be releasing new Android TVs, and soon enough I can imagine that other companies such as Sony and LG will follow suit.

Android Wear
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While we all know that Android Wear exists and will be Google's take on the swartwatch craze started by the likes of Pebble, Sony and Samsung, some cool new features and a look at the watches that are coming out soon were shown off at I/O. One such demonstration was how Android Wear smartwatches could be used in daily life is when a developer showed off how to order a pizza using the EAT24 app. It lasted for 20 seconds. Sure, it may not sound like the most exciting thing, but the potential that Android Wear has in terms of efficiency is mind-blowing. Also, we've been given our first look at the first two Android Wear smartwatches to hit the shelves: the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live. The G Watch will have a pretty low resolution 280 x 280 1.65 inch screen, 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM, while the Gear Live will have a sharper 320 x 320 1.63 inch screen, 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM. Both are available to pre order!

What do you guys think? Are you looking forward to these new products? Tell us in the comments below!

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