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Best Of E3: Sony Edition!

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Now, we take a look at the other end of the fanboy spectrum, as we see the best announcements from Sony's E3 Conference, including a Japanese import, raging elephants and Jack Black!

Infamous: First Light
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For reasons that nobody understands, Infamous: Second Son is one of my favorite games ever, and I'm so glad that Sucker Punch are finally expanding the game, considering the fact that it's quite a short game. The best thing is that First Light will be a standalone DLC, so anyone can play it! In First Light, you will be playing as Abigail "Fetch" Walker, the conduit who gives you Neon powers, and you will be able to explore her past, and find out how the drug dealers took over her life and used her as a puppet. Here's hoping for Eugene and Hank DLCs too! Infamous: Third Nerd has a ring to it, don't you think?

Little Big Planet 3
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Finally, the world's most loveable game series is back! Little Big Planet 3's live E3 demo so hilarious, because the developers were so bad at it, but it also showcased some amazing new features that I can't wait to use! First up is that you can now use gadgets, one example being the Pumpinator, which can blow and push objects out of the way, but the coolest new feature is that there are now 4 characters to choose from, all with different abilities! Sackboy has gadgets and climbing abilites, Oddsock (A dog) has super speed and wall jumping abilities, Swoop (A bird) can fly and pick characters and objects up, while Toggle (Some marshmellow thingie) has super strength, and can grow and shrink when he wants! If only the developers knew how to play their own game.

Far Cry 4
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While this should be on the Ubisoft article, the actual gameplay trailer was shown in Sony's conference, so there. Far Cry 4 looks absolutely beautiful, with crisp, white Himalayan snow blending with huge, polished statues, but there's also substance to this game. The new grappling hook ability allows Ajay to cross long distances, plus you can jump from vehicle to vehicle and take down the enemies in said vehicle. Also, PS4 owners are given a number of "Keys to Kyrat" which allows their friends to play co-op with them without actually owning the game! Did I mention co-op? Open World Co-op?

Dead Island 2
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By the looks of the new Dead Island 2 trailer, the franchise looks like it's taking a less serious direction, focusing on the imaginative fun you can have in a zombie-infested California, instead of trying to focus on the emotions of going through the zombie apocalypse. It's trailer is one of the funniest and best I've ever seen, and, while not being as heart-wrenching as the first, is a lot more entertaining and has a hugely catchy theme song to boot. Plus, Jack Black can be heard at the end, so praise be to Jebus if he's in the game.

No Man's Sky
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What's amazing about No Man's Sky is that it's infinitely expanding, procedurally generated universe is only being made by 6 people. No Man's Sky is all about exploring planets, moons and stars, discovering new species and plants and just generally looking in awe at the beautiful planets that have been created by Hello Games. Every player is started on a newly generated world, so the universe of NMS will always keep expanding. It's a game that doesn't stop growing.

YouTube On PS4
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As the months have gone on, Sony have made it easier to post gameplay videos on the internet. First, they added Facebook sharing support and Twitch and Ustream streaming support, but people hoping to get on YouTube were still stuck with the painful process of having to upload a video to Facebook, then download it from there, edit and upload to YouTube. Then Sony allowed you to export gameplay videos to a USB stick, and added an editing program called Share Factory, so you only had to upload videos to YouTube. Now, in the coming year, you'll be able to upload edited and unedited videos to YouTube straight from your PS4! Hooray for us!

Playstation TV
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After Japan got the Playstation Vita TV, a budget console that could play PS Vita games (As long as they didn't need a touchpad), North America and Europe are finally getting their own version, dubbed the Playstation TV! Like the VITA TV, it will play PS Vita, PSP and PS1 Classics games and will support Dualshock 3 and 4 controllers, but there are some added functionalities. You'll be able to use Remote Play to play PS4 games on another TV through your Playstation TV, plus many video and music streaming services (Unannounced, but presumably Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Sony Music Unlimited etc) will be usable! Also, Sony's Playstation Now service will be on the PSTV when it's launched, so you'll be able to play the best PS3, PS2 and PS1 games on it!

Stay tuned later for the best from Nintendo's conference!

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