Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Best of E3: EA Edition

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mThe first in a 5 part series about the E3 conferences, today we'll be looking at the best games in EA's conference!

The Unnamed Criterion Games Game
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Notorious for making the Crashy McSmashy Burnout series, Criterion Games showed off a little trailer about a game in it's really early, untextured stages. I didn't expect much, but damn was that trailer good. Instead of sticking to the usual cars, this new game included cars, helicopters and quad bikes, and I imagine much much more. Nothing special right? Well, how about the scene where the player jumps out of a helicopter ONTO A DANG QUAD BIKE, watching it as it explodes? That's really all we saw, but that alone was one of the best moments of E3.

Star Wars: Battlefront
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Just like the Criterion trailer, we barely saw any gameplay, but DID see some early in-engine footage, and trust me, that did NOT look like early in-engine footage. The worlds of Endor and Hoth looked absolutely amazing, with crisp leaves, fluffy snow and some cool laser effects, and the modeled Stormtrooper gave me a similar level with awe. If that EARLY footage looks as good as a game like Killzone: Shadow Fall, then what will the finished product look like? It could be the victim of a graphics downgrade, a la Watch_Dogs, but with DICE producing some beautiful games, I highly doubt it.

The Sims 4
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It seems like EA absolutely nailed this one. Sure, The Sims is a full blown life simulator, but it's also a game that can go absolutely out of this world crazy. I mean, who ACTUALLY takes The Sims seriously? EA have finally accepted the goofiness and craziness, and have used the feedback to actually make the game much more entertaining, crazy and weird. In the trailer I saw a Sim dressed as Kim Jong Il, and a guy who actually laughed himself to death, among other things. The Sims 4 might actually be the perfectM comedy game.

EA Sports UFC
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Granted, we've know about EA Sports UFC for ages, there's a playable demo out and there's a lot of trailers, but it never ceases to amaze me how fluid and good everything looks. Seeing the tiniest detail in Bruce Lee's muscles was absolutely insane, and the animations, unlike the WWE games, a fluid, with things beautifully leading into one another. The moves felt like they had a real 'oomph' to them, and the Lee's kicks to the head felt so real I actually flinched when they connected.

Madden NFL 15
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Madden was the only sports game we really saw any gameplay of (Other than UFC), and that gameplay made me pretty excited for the next iteration. As many Madden players know, playing in defense can be boring and fiddly, what with the wide camera angles and inability to move when you're locked into a hold, so EA have actually revamped the whole Defense system so it's actually fun to play. The camera is much more closer to your player, you can choose which direction to push your opponent out of a hold, and there are a lot more options considering what you can do. It is half of the game, after all.

EA Sports PGA Tour
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Never have I actually been excited by a golf game (Bar Wii Sports), but this actually looks pretty good for the same reason that The Sims 4 looks good: at some points, it takes itself less seriously. Sure, it runs on Frostbite 3 engine, and sure you can explore the whole length of real world golf courses, but the real meat is the fantasy courses. We only saw one, it looked crazy. A golfer hit a flaming ball right over a battleship that crashes into an island. Nuff said.

Stay tuned for Joe's best games of E3, and the best games of Microsoft's press conference!

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