Thursday, 22 May 2014

What To Play At... MCM London Comic-Con!

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MCM London Comic Con is the UK's biggest gaming event (Along with Eurogamer), and there's a helluva lot to do there. Big companies like Capcom, Nintendo and Namco Bandai will be there, so here's a couple tips about what games to play there!

Mario Kart 8
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London Comic Con will be the first chance for anyone in the UK to play Mario Kart 8, which releases in 8 days and looks to be the most innovative yet! The most talked about feature is the ability to go zero-gravity in some parts of the racetracks, and race up walls and upside down! Plus, the flying and floating carts from Mario Kart 7 will be back, and the much loved motorbikes from Mario Kart Wii are also making their return to the Cheeto-dusted screen! What's not to love?
GRID Autosport
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Like Mario Kart 8, GRID Autosport hasn't been shown anywhere else in the UK yet, so make sure to get your hands on it! The sequel to the average GRID 2, Autosport looks to give the franchise it's mojo back with tons of different car types, including Touring Cars, Muscle Cars and more, more than 100 races, and a fully fledged career mode! Oh yeah, and Cockpit View is returning.

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If you went to the Gadget Show Live this year, you would've got the chance to play Evolve, a co-op game with a twist: you're all being hunted down by a huge monster controlled by a fifth player. The more the monster kills, the more it evolves and gets stronger. Plus, there'll be many different types of monsters to brown your trousers to!

Ultra Street Fighter 4
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I know what you're thinking. "Sheesh, what's this, like, the gajillionth Street Fighter 4?". Well, yes, you're probably right. There are more Street Fighter 4's then there are atoms on this planet, but that doesn't mean that Ultra Street Fighter 4 isn't going to be a good game! With 5 new characters, new stages and moveset tweaks, Ultra Street Fighter 4 is the excuse to buy one of those HARDCORE MLG PRO fighter controllers!

At London Comic Con, there'll also be a ton of events going on at the Game Zone stage! On Saturday, there'll be an hour long demo of new MMO Wildstar and the Traveller's Tales team will talk about developing LEGO games, while on Sunday there'll be the chance to play Trials Fusion and Sportsfriends with various different people, a GRID Autosport Fastest Lap Challenge and the chance to beat Capcom at Ultra Street Fighter 4 and win prizes.

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