Thursday, 29 May 2014

Quickie Review: iON Bond!

The science of attracting and repelling, in the palm of your hand.
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In iON Bond, a mobile game by Stewart Hogarth, the objective is simple: join up all of the same coloured iONs with each other using the idea that there are positive and negative symbols, that if two are the same, they repel each other and that if two iONs are different, they attract each other. You can link two iONs with bonds, and those will cause them to either repel or attract, depending on their charge. Some iONs have no charge, and require iONs of the same colour to be pushed (or pulled) into them. It's a relatively new and unique mechanic for a puzzle game, but while bonds can be made easily, the way they are broken (swiping across them) is quite unresponsive, and it is irritating when you nearly complete a level, only to break a bond just a teensy bit too late and fail. 

The art style is basic and relaxing, with colourful curls and curves appearing whenever two iONs come together, but the music is kind of non-existent, with just a constant drone-type sound throughout. I understand it may reflect the calm minimalism the art style has, but after a while it becomes slightly too stale.

My verdict overall is that it is a charming and unique game, with a long play time and relaxing art design, but its sound design could be a little bit more varied and its gameplay could have been smoothed out for the more difficult levels.


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