Sunday, 4 May 2014

Itsa Me, Homeless Mario!

I think this photo sums up the article! (Picture made by Destructoid user grandmaster)

Sad news today, as Nintendo, despite all their promotions and exclusives, are expecting to have lost 25 billion yen (£144.95 billion) so far this year, a far cry from their prediction. They expected to gain 55 billion yen (£318.98 billion) by March! They also predicted that the Wii U would sell 9 million consoles in total by then, but later reversed that prediction by saying that they will probably sell around 2.8 consoles instead. In comparison, the PS4 has sold around 7 million consoles since it's release in November 2013, while the Wii U has only sold around 5.8 million consoles since its release in November 2012. Looks like Mario's gonna have to go back to plumbing.

Nintendo are blaming this dip on it's poor sales in the Christmas season, as the PS4 and Xbox One took center stage, and the Wii U was almost forgotten about. Still, with Mario Kart 8 coming out this month, and with Watch Dogs having some Wii U exclusive features thanks to it's GamePad, things might be looking up! Also, after rumors that Nintendo will announce another console at E3, this could be the time that Nintendo dusts itself off and wrangles some more sales!

What do you guys think? Will Nintendo always be safe from bankruptcy? Or do you reckon that the Wii U will be the last Nintendo console? Tell us in the comments below!

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