Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Hi Guys!

Due to exams and other stuff, and I haven't been able to post much lately, so I'm sorry about that. Still I've got some stuff to announce!

Lately, I've been speaking to some successful and cool journalists, namely Eurogamer's Tom Bramwell, Official Xbox Magazine UK's Jon Hicks and Play Magazine's Luke Albiges, and I've decided to make some changes that will make Gadgets And Khajiits a cooler blog for all you guys. The first change was the Twitter account, and I've got two others!

1. Sadly, I'm discontinuing a couple of weekly articles. 1 V Monday, You Lose Tuesday and Kickstarting Thursday will all be gone, mainly because I'm already running out of ideas and I don't enjoy writing them, unlike other articles. In place of them, depending on the time I have, I will publish one off articles like previews, opinion articles or other kinds of articles! Don't worry, this change is for the best!

2. Come May 27th, with the release of Watch_Dogs, we will be starting a YouTube Channel! It will be called CMTS Gaming, which is the first letter of our names, Sam (Me), Carlo (Anytime Reviews Guy), Michael (Facebook dude) and Tom (New guy). Mostly we'll do Lets Plays through new games, and overall Reviews of them as well, but at times we'll do other messing around videos like Steam Roulette, GTA V Multiplayer and other fun things.

Hope you guys are looking forward to the changes, and I hope they improve the experience for you!




  1. Does joe not write for this anymore as his name is not here??

  2. No, Joe still writes for us! It's just he doesn't particularly want to be on YouTube, so he'll just stick to his usual SWTOR Roundups and PC Game Reviews!