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Raucous Reviews: 2014 FIFA World Cup!

If you've got Pac Man Fever, you've come to the wrong place!

There comes a time every 4 years where English people all over the world come together and riot in Trafalgar Square. That time is the World Cup, and EA Sports have made a game for it! 2010 FIFA World Cup was one of my favorite sports games of all time, and with the disappointment of the last-gen version of FIFA 14, FIFA World Cup Brazil is a chance for all Xbox 360 and PS3 owners to get their slice of next gen kickyball.

The first thing that hits you in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is the presentation. Exotic colours, icons that look like they've been painted and cheery, catchy music populates every menu, and it really gets you in the mood for a game that can be quite frustrating. However, the pre-match presentation is what blew me away, with many panoramic shots of the stadium, close ups on many fans and players, national anthems playing and a look at fans around the world, watching the game in places like Trafalgar Square and Brandenburg Gate. It's definitely the highlight of the game.

The actual gameplay is vastly improved over the last gen version of FIFA 14, with a solid framerate, smooth transitions and no noticeable glitches, other than some players' hair or shorts contorting weirdly for a second. The pre-match skill games are pretty much the same, but there were some noticeable framerate issues as the match is loading at the same time. I also had a little problem with the difficulties, as on Semi Pro I beat Uruguay 7-0 as England, but in the same match on Professional difficulty I lost 3-0 to them.

However, it's still as fun as any FIFA, and with many new modes exclusive to the FIFA World Cup franchise, it's got some great replay value too. There's the 2014 FIFA World Cup and Road To Rio De Janeiro modes, where you compete in the World Cup and compete in the qualifiers and the World Cup respectively, there's the popular Captain Your Country mode, in which you, as a player, work your way up from being a B International to captaining your country in the World Cup (If you Qualify), and by far my favorite mode, Story Of Qualifying, in which you are put in a number of scenarios in different matches, and then you try and meet the goals. One scenario that sticks in my mind is a match between Ghana and Lesotho where you have to score 5 goals in 65 in game minutes. There will also be a similar mode, Story Of The 2014 FIFA World Cup, that will have similar scenarios, but will start once the World Cup starts.

You can also play multiplayer single matches or compete in a Online World Cup, and with such a wide array of countries to play as, from American Samoa to Brazil, the possibilities are endless. I experienced no lag or framerate issues while playing multiplayer, so hats off to EA! There is also the returning EA Sports FC marketplace, where you can buy many historical kits and balls, plus other items to help you in other modes. It's a deep game, but once the World Cup is over, it may lose it's fun.

One thing that I didn't like about FIFA 14 is that there was no advances in graphics, and the paper thin fans were easily noticeable. Well, I can safely tell you that 2014 FIFA World Cup is definitely the best looking last gen FIFA game, with many detailed fans, vivid colours and lovely shadow effects. All players look great, and thanks to the great presentation, 2014 FIFA World Cup is great game to look at.  

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is a beautiful game about the beautiful game, with amazing, exotic presentation instead of the dull whites and grays of FIFA 14, and some great graphics to marvel at. The matches are fluid and fun, and there's plenty of modes to keep you going until (And through) the World Cup this year, but sadly will probably lose it's spark once the World Cup ends. 

Exotic Presentation
                                                                                                                Will Only Last A Couple Months
Beautiful Graphics
                                                                                                                 Some Pre Match Hiccups
Fluid Gameplay

Lots Of Modes

Recommended To: Anyone looking for a good, fun football game!

A big thanks to Tristan Rosenfeldt and EA for providing us with a Review Copy!

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