Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Free Games Europe! (Kinda)

This is truly the best photo I could find.

Playstation Plus!
Once again, PS4 owners will get Mercenary Kings, a side scrolling Contra-Borderlands hybrid that you can play co op or by yourself. It has RPG elements like loot and gun crafting, but it still has classic run and gun elements that will leave you feeling more nostalgic than a 90s kid in a Crash Bandicoot Museum. However, PS3 peeps will get "It's finally better than FIFA" game Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 and that other Sucker Punch game that wasn't made by Sucker Punch, Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time, which you can also play on your PS VITA, if you have one! Speaking of PS VITAs, I would say that the VITA has the best lineup this month, with "Retro violence is the best violence" game Hotline Miami (Which you can also play on the PS3) and Gran Turismo except with motorbikes simulator MotoGP 13!

Games With Gold!
European Xbox 360 owners will still get Hitman: Absolution as their first game, but the second game for Games With Gold has been revealed, and the second game is.... Deadlight! It's an OK game, but this months lineup is TRE-MENDOUSLY better than previous lineups, so who knows what's in store in the coming months!

What do you guys think? Is Games With Gold starting to pick up the pace? Or will PS + still be the better free games program? Tell us in the comments below!

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