Wednesday, 26 March 2014

"You've Got Google, We've Got Goggles!"

Mark Zuckerberg, Never AD.

Iffy news today, as Facebook have bought VR mavericks Oculus VR for $2 billion. 2 BILLION DOLLARS. So what, does this mean we'll just see Facebook ads in front of our very eyes, and be able to spend money on microtransactions just so we can play an extra game? Not entirely! Facebook have said that they aren't going to be very hands on with Oculus, and said that they'll leave themselves to themselves. Still, expect the odd Candy Crush or CityVille to be made Oculus-supported! Overall, this shouldn't really cause a problem unless Facebook try and take the controls from Oculus, but take it like this: Oculus now have $2 billion to spend on developing the Rift!

However, the sad news is that Mojang will never make a Minecraft port for the Rift. Mojang owner Markus Persson said in a tweet that Facebook creeped him out, so that's it: you won't be building castles out of mud in front of your own eyes. Ah well, there's always sandcastles!

What do you guys think? Will Facebook plague the Rift with ads and terrible games? Or will they not get involved, and just financially improve Oculus? Tell us in the comments below!

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