Tuesday, 11 March 2014

WindForge? It's Just Terraria With A Billion New Features!

Riding a whale. You can RIDE a WHALE.

The newest addition to a range of Kickstarter-funded games, WindForge has been created by Snowed In Studios, a new developer who's employees have made games like Need For Speed and Far Cry. It's a 2D Action RPG similar to games like Terraria and Minecraft, but in no way the same game. The Steampunk-style fully open world changes around you, and everything can be destroyed, so it's literally your world to play with!

It has minable flying whales (I feel so cruel!) and meat blocks (Less so), you can build and fly Airships, there are over 1200 different objects to craft and the combat is skill-based, so no cheating! You can buy WindForge on Steam, Desura, GOG, the Humble Store and the WindForge website, and for a week you can get 10% off the game everywhere! Also, thanks to the great Jennifer Chorlton, we have managed to get a couple of review copies of the game, so expect a review from Joe soon, and maybe Carlo!

In other news, Namco Bandai UK projected a huge Pac Man onto the wall of their offices, which are actually SEGA's, so they posted a little making of
video that showed a couple of stages of the plan.

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