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SWTOR Lowdown: Specking for da newbies

Hi guys,

Today I will be talking about gearing for end game content something that not many people wil understand or find confusing. Today's issue will be on the Sniper. This is my main class and gearing augments are something I found verry confusing and you can be called a noob and other things just because of your gear. This angers me because how are you ment to go into end game content that gets gear without doing it with lower gear. For instance, I was in 148 gear running a hard mode and someone said why did I have a low hp. Well the point of the quest is to get better gear and that is something that little people get. 

Well gearing for a sniper depends on your level and spec. At level 50 your gear rating can vary from 126-150. To compete in level 50 flashpoints and hard mode flashpoints I recommend buying the makeb commendation gear for a starting set of gear. Than once you complete some flashpoints you will get some campaign gear witch has a set bonus and gear rating of 146.
Also their is some operations available at level 50 witch are called classic operations and drop hazmat gear which is 150 gear rating and is great to use until you are level 55. At level 55 you can do PVP and get set bonuses of 154 for conqueror gear or ranked arenas witch give 158 gear. 

Well, let's start with lethality.

Lethality is the main PVP spec for sniper and gives some of the best damage. But is is becoming very popular in PVE. This spec is very good for movement and gives some very nice movement. This spec relies on the poison abilities of your agent and uses your sniper as a machine gun. Giving some very cool animations. However in my opinion I don't like this spec in PVE as I don't think the rotation is quite suited for me. 

The rotation is 
  1. Shatter Shot If nobody providing the debuff.
  2. Explosive Probe

  3. Corrosive Grenade
  4. Corrosive Dart
  5. Cull
  6. Series of Shots
  7. Snipe with 
    Laze Target
  8. Ambush
  9. Rifle Shot.   
The skill tree I use is. 


    This spec can be very energy costly if used wrong but is my preferred spec for PVE. I don't normally use it for PVP but it is my favourite spec. 
    The rotation is 

    1. Shatter Shot If nobody providing the debuff.
    2. Series of Shots + 
    3. Snipe + 
    4. Takedown + 
    5. Ambush + 
    6. Corrosive Dart
    7. Orbital Strike
    8. Rifle Shot
    The skill tree I use is the noxic skill tree 

    Finally the last spec for sniper is engineering.

    This spec is a AOE spec for group damage. It consists of many AOE abilities and is good for leveling. But personally I don't lie the spec and it doesn't really do much. 

    The rotation Is
    1. Shatter Shot if about to expire and nobody else provides the debuff.
    2. Rifle Shot if below below 50 Energy.
    3. Plasma Probe
    4. Interrogation Probe
    5. Explosive Probe
    6. Corrosive Dart
    7. Ambush Counts as 2 Filler Abilities.
    The skill tree for noxic is. 

    Well that's it for the sniper skill tree hope this helped you decide your sniper spec. See you around guys.

    Joe :) 

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