Wednesday, 5 March 2014

SWTOR Lowdown: 2.7 Hits The PTS

Hi Guys!

Today I will be talking about the new game update 2.7 which finally addresses that there is a war on!

This game update consists of two brand new flash points that will  launch a new epic story where we meet some familiar faces. One of these faces is Theron Shan from the SWTOR novels.


Its the dude on the cover! ;)

First off then is two new flashpoints; Korriban Assault and Tython Assault. This sends strike teams from both sides to attack the home world of sith and jedi. This  introduces some new characters; i think we shall be seeing them a lot this year! However, the weird thing is the faces look very strange, so i hope they change that for the release.

Above is the screen shot of the Korriban Flashpoint. As you can see the starter worlds are now all roaming in a new Flashpoint. You can see the Update 2.7 notes at!


Have Fun! .  Patch notes are in a separate pice 

 Joe ;)

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