Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Purple Beats Chrome!

"Why did we even make those boxes?" Roku President

Roku have revealed a new alternative to their LT video streaming boxes that have the same power as them, but are instead the size of a memory stick. And all for £50 ($49. Apparently American companies love cheating UK citizens out of their money! Oh wait, we made David Cameron. Apologies, USA.)! It seems like a better alternative to Google Chromecast, as it has 750 different video streaming services to choose from, which i'm guessing only 2 will actually be used. Still, it can stream in HD, plus it connects to Wi-Fi and the remote has a Netflix button on it, so you can quickly waste your life away without having to navigate through a menu!

Also, the Roku Streaming Stick will have music streaming apps such as Spotify installed, and the best part? You can't even see the stick once it's plugged in! It's basically a £50 Smart TV, just without the TV in it. However, to make the Streaming Stick work, you'll have to plug a cable into the Roku, then plug it into a USB slot in your TV, but that isn't much of a pickle! You can pre-order the Roku Streaming Stick at £50 at Currys and PC World, but it's not coming out until April.

What do you guys think? Does the Streaming Stick pose a threat to the Chromecast? Or will everyone just buy the Chromecast anyway, because Google? Tell us in the comments below!

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