Sunday, 9 March 2014

Poll Results!

Last week, I asked you guys if you thought that Batman: Arkham Knight would be a fitting end to a great series, or if you thought that the franchise has been milked enough, and that the new game would be just the same as the others. Well, 75% of you guys said that Rocksteady would end the series on a high, while 25% of you said that the new game would be nothing special.

Well, in my opinion, I think that Rocksteady will definitely do well and make Arkham Knight the best game of the series. I'm glad that Rocksteady are coming back to make it, because Arkham Origins wasn't a bad game, it just didn't progress the series much, and Warner Bros tried to make it something it wasn't by adding a multiplayer mode that, while it was innovative, didn't really seem to catch on. Rocksteady will bring back the great storyline and HOPEFULLY won't use the Joker in it, because I think Batman needs more of a challenge. Anyways, make sure to vote in the next poll and share your thoughts in the comments!

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