Sunday, 9 March 2014

News Articles Update

Hi Guys!

Just to let you know that the reason I posted no news articles yesterday is because there was nothing really going on. Today is also one of those days, and since we want to deliver quality, not quantity to you guys, if there is a slow news day for gaming, gadgets or both, there won't be a news article posted for the category, because there's nothing worth reporting. There will still be the daily feature and Thrifty Freebies articles though! I'd also like to thank you guys a helluva lot as we are on 2000 views, which we really didn't think would happen this fast, so thanks for making us so happy! Once we get to 2500 views, will with have a Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel up, and some new guys will be "employed" (I feel so official!) so look out for that!

Thanks guys!


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