Monday, 10 March 2014

Learn How To Sail, Jackdaw!

(Pirate Insult #23451)

Good news for people thinking of upgrading to next gen (Or current gen!) consoles: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is getting a next gen exclusive, Amazon exclusive version called the Jackdaw Edition. As well as containing the full game, but also contains 7 pieces of DLC. The Death Vessel Pack adds Death Vessel sails, figureheads and wheels, the Kraken Ship Pack adds a Kraken-inspired wheel, figurehead and sails, the Crusader and Florentine Pack adds Altair and Ezio-based ship items (Because everyone hates Connor) and 2 new weapons, the Illustrious Pirates Pack adds 3 new islands, plus new multiplayer skins and items, Blackbeard's Wrath contains 3 new multiplayer characters, Guild Of Rogues adds 3 new multiplayer characters, plus new moves, and for people that actually want an actual STORY DLC, Freedom Cry is also included, which adds 9 new missions. And it comes out Marc 28th in the UK.

Terrible value for money then! Mkay?

In other news, the Dark Souls 2 Launch Trailer has arrived, so you can watch it here if you are a sadist and enjoy torturing yourself in a audio-visual manner. Also, the Minecraft-Terraria-Contra mashup WindForge arrives tomorrow, so be sure to pick that up on Steam, Desura, Humble Store and GOG. Mkay?

I can't think of a question that considers both sides, so you'll just have to deal with a terrible conclusion, Mkay?

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