Thursday, 6 March 2014

Kickstarting Thursday with Soap!

Soap is a home automation device that puts all your devices into one easy to use device that could turn your home into the home of the future! There are two Soap devices, the Soap Essentials and Soap Touch, and both run Android, can connect to all your devices in a variety of ways including Bluetooth and NFC, have Parental Controls and are virus protected. The Soap Touch has a touchscreen and has 32GB of storage, while the Soap Essentials has to either be plugged into a HDMI port to be used or controlled via the Soap App, and only has 8GB of storage. Still, they're both Home Automation Systems, so it doesn't really matter!

The Soap Touch does have a Google Play Store app on it, so you can play games on it, but the best part of the Soap is it's native apps. Soap Flypaper lures hackers into your network, then "traps" them, which means you can then report them to the PoPo, Soap Ninja makes your network invisible, so it's completly safe from hackers, Soap Spy streams a device's screen onto the Soap, so you can check out what someone is doing on their device, and Soap Astringant (I think!) collaborates a bunch of anti-virus software so it can stop any Malware, Spyware or anything else attacking your network! It's Parental Control can also be used to stop kids from accessing stuff they're not supposed to, so it's the ultimate Big Brother machine! In a good way!

 The Soap Mobile app also makes it possible to for you to control Soap from anywhere, and it's practically not any different to the normal Soap display! It's also great value, as the Soap Essentials would normally cost $610 instead of $100, and the Soap Touch would cost $710 instead of $200! On the Kickstarter page, Soap said that with these devices you could "Let you know when the kids leave the house, alert you if your dog gets out of the backyard, let you know if your dog is barking too loud, turn on your TV when you walk into the room, turn lights on and off when you walk in and out of rooms and let you know if you forgot your wallet or phone before you leave the house."!

At the time of writing, Soap is 126% funded, and still has 16 days to go, so the stretch goals are a possibility! You can get a Soap Essentials for a discounted price of $80, but there are only 16 left, so if you don't, you can buy one for $100, and you can get a Soap Touch for $150 at discounted price, and then it will go back up to $200, so buy them quick! However, if you want to splash the cash, you can pay $425 and get early beta access to the Soap Touch, access to the Software Development Kit, a Zigbee Pro with Wired Antenna (Don't ask me what that is!), a Zigbee Pro without a Wired Antenna, 2 Z Wave ZM3102 Modules, BLE developer hardware, 1 Bluegiga Bluetooth 4.0 Module and 20 Soap rewritable RFID tags. Don't ask me what any of that means, but it must be good! The stretch goals are:

$100k: Camera, Speaker and Microphone added to Soap Touch
$125k: Optical Audio Connector attached to Soap Touch and Essentials
$150k: Soap running Linux will become available
$175: A better Wi Fi Chipset (?) will be added to the Soap Touch
$185k: A better Wi Fi Chipset (Still ?) will be added to the Soap Essentials
$200k:  The Soap devices will have internal batteries

Go fund the Soap at!

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