Thursday, 20 March 2014

Kickstarting Thursday with Chaos Reborn!

Chaos Reborn is made by the people who made the original XCOM, which is a game no one except pure 90s kids will remember. Chaos Reborn is based on the ZX Spectrum game Chaos which, but it isn't really a sequel, more of a complete revamp of it. In Reborn, there will be tough decisions, unique levels and varied battles to keep you on your toes. There will be an RPG single player mode where you play as a wizard who can control and summon many different monsters, but there will also be competitive multiplayer and co op as well, so there should be some definite replay value with Chaos Reborn!

Let's start with the story, shall we! The Chaos world is contested between two sets of gods, the Gods of Law and the Gods of Chaos. There is a war between the two sets of Gods and their respective followers, but the Gods of Law ultimately win, and they decide to install Wizard Kings on every island to keep the peace. The Gods of Chaos decide to hide their artifacts in caves, hoping that their followers will find them and help them regain control. You play as a Wizard Apprentice, who sets out to become a God so he can control the world. A pretty bog standard RPG story, but the being-a-god part really makes it interesting.

The core gameplay is Wizard Battles, which are turn-based combat battles that are fought in an arena. There are 80 spells to cast and 24 creatures to summon, including some from the original Chaos that probably no one will remember, and the arenas are randomly generated, so you'll always have a different battle to fight, and many different modes to play! And that's just the single player battles! The multiplayer battles are are quite similar, but contain players and AI to add variation to the battles! There are co op battles, plus there will be leagues, leaderboards and tournaments to contest.

The system of the game is to go to each realm and defeat the Wizard Lords and, once you've beaten all of the Lords, you can challenge the Wizard King. If you defeat the King, you then gain artifacts and treasure, which you can spend on equipment like body gear and staffs. There are new randomly generated realms every day, and you can also design your own for others to play, so there's really an infinite amount of levels to play: one thing that hugely justifies the price! You can level up your wizard and your items, plus you can upgrade your spells and learn more by finding Spell Books scattered about.Your Wizard changes stats and abilities entirely dependent on what items you give him. There are three categories: Staff, Body Gear and Head Gear, all of which can be scavenged, found, bought and leveled up!

Chaos Reborn will be completed at about May 2015, so you've got a while to wait, but I recommend funding this! As of the time of writing, it is 38% funded, and still has 27 days to go, so you've got lots of time to make your decision! It only costs $20 to get the game DRM free, plus you get alpha and beta access, and a PDF of the artbook and game guide, plus a downloadable soundtrack. If you want to splash the cash though, you can spend $5,000 and get the game, the artbook, the game guide, the soundtrack on CD, personalized equipment, the ability to be a God in the game and have it modeled to your likeness and the ability to choose your bio and what you're the god of, plus you can bless your followers (don't ask me what that means.), you'll have a god aura around your character, you will be a ruler of a world that has battles by itself where you can earn XP and gold from, you will have your own guild which you can recruit people for and name, plus you get access to the god forums on the Chaos Reborn website, your name will be in the credits as a Supreme Benefactor (Don't ask me what that means either!) and you will be invited to the launch party in London where you can meet with the developers!

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