Friday, 21 March 2014

Justice In The Form Of Shakespeare!

To me, justice is a dish best served by Romeo And Juliet, King Henry VIII, Hamlet, King Lear, and many, many more.

A citizen of Bristol took the law into his own hands a couple of days ago when he found a reasonably priced PS3 bundle on Gumtree and quickly ordered it, but the seller took the money and ran off, as he was a scammer. There must have been high splunge readings on that day. (Futurama reference!) Anyways, after visiting the police and being told that there was a very slim chance that they would be able to find the scammer, he decided to text the entire works of Shakespeare to him.

Much more effective than yo mama jokes, i would say.

However, these aren't just huge messages; Joseph The Scammed (As i shall call him) has copied and pasted tiny amounts of his works into texts, so teh scammer is pretty much getting hundreds of texts every hour. And guess what? He's been doing it for a WEEK now. People, give that man the job of Commissioner, because this punishment is a helluva lot more effective than prison! It's the modern equivalent of Chinese Water Torture! We could abolish the death penalty people!

I know that this article seemed a little off topic, but a PS3 was involved in it, so it counts!

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