Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Joe's Top 3 Best Video Game Songs!

Hi guys!

I thought today I would tell you some of my favorite pieces of gaming music ever. Throughout gaming history there have been many great scores and songs written for very different games. Here are my top 3! Also, Sam's top five will be coming later this week! :D


This is my favorite song at the moment and it's from the game Contrast. The piece is called House On Fire by Laura Ellis. This piece really tells you what this game is actually like, as it's a 1920's film noir jazz song and sets the scene perfectly, which is why it's such a great song. I recommend you check it out!


This next piece is from the game Saints Row The Third. I love this piece so much and it is played throughout the game at the most epic times like when sky diving into the penthouse. That song is Power by Kanye West. It is just such a amazing song and that's why it's number two on my list. 


This is my final entry to the amazing list of music. This piece is from SWTOR (Surprise!) and it's the Smuggler Theme. It's just very epic but also humorous and when you start your story it is the first thing you hear, so you immediately think "Aww yeah, lets do this!!". 

So these were MY top 3 pieces of music, but what's yours? Tell us in the comments below! 

Have Fun!

Joe :) 

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