Sunday, 9 March 2014

Joe's review of.... CONTRAST,

Hi people of the internet,

I'm baaaaccckk with a review of Contrast. I have been away for a few days as my computer broke, but now it's fixed! So while I'm finishing playing two MMOS ( reviews will be up in the next few days), I have decided to review one of my all time favourite games. I will be scoring the graphics, gameplay and music to give you guys an overall impression of the game. First of there is a very cool soundtrack to the game witch is available on Itunes! :) 

Let's jump on in, this game is set In an art noir style were all the characters apart from DD and Dawn ( you) are shadows. As Dawn you are an imaginary friend that DD made up when she is lonely. Her mother is a cabaret singer and DD often sneaks out to watch her sing. With help from Dawn, who can shift into the shadow world to help DD, they embark on an adventure to help DD's dad create a circus so he does not get killed by a gang. The circus is obviously broken and Dawn and DD MUST FIX IT. Sadly, this game ends earlier than I expected as the story was so good. But this game requires you to be very patient as it can get frustrating when you fail at the puzzles numerous times XD. 

Above is a screen shot of the shadow world as you can see, you rely on timing and NPCs to complete the story. This game is a puzzle platformer and in my opinion is very good; probably one of my favorite games of all time.

The graphics on the game are very good and contribute to the game's overall feel, but the soundtrack is the selling point for me with a full jazz orchestra to really set the scene. Scoring them a very good 8/10
The gameplay is very good and definitely challenging that should keep you busy for at least a while. Probably one of the best games available on steam. So the puzzling gameplay is a very good 8/10, but there is some room for improvement as some of the puzzles are very similar.
The story itself was good but came to a premature end giving the feeling that it may of been rushed for release on the ps4 store etc. this however does not detract from the awesomeness that compultiongames has made! I'm giving the story a 7/10

Overall this game gets a big fat 8 from me! ;) 

My overall feeling is this game was very good and personally I loved it, what did you think? Tell us in the comments below ! Follow compultiongames on twitter @compultiongames :D

Have fun joe ;) 

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